Executive Summary


Indilinga SDL is a Supply Chain and Logistics Management company that focuses mostly on the African Market, with a main focus in Namibia and South Africa. Indilinga will attempt to turn the old methodologies approaches and thinking of the logistics and supply chains of companies on its head! With an experienced management team, Indilinga intends to grow at more than 50% per year through excellent customer service, a strategic thinking approach and a group of people that bring dynamic energy to the company and this growth and strategic process.  Supply Chain Management is one of the key areas around the world acknowledged as an area to improve profitability and efficiencies of companies in the local, national and international arena.  We do consulting, implementation and management of various components of the supply chain.  We also do custom software development and systems integration.


Company Background


The company's headquarters are located in Windhoek and Cape Town. The company was established as a result of the great need in the industry to provide optimised solutions to companies. This Indilinga optimisation model resulted in huge financial benefits to companies when optimising their supply chains. The company was established 5 years ago and many hours each week were spent to slowly build the company to where it stands today.


Our Role in the Supply Chain


“To link the market place, the distribution network, the manufacturing process and procurement activity in such

a way that customers are served at a higher level and yet at a lower total cost ensuring the right service/product

gets to the right customer in the right place and the right time and at the right cost” 

– Martin Christopher, Cranfield School of Management.

The supply chain is made up of all the activities required to deliver products to the customer, from designing product to receiving orders, including forecasting, procuring materials, manufacturing, inventory management, stock management, warehousing, transportation, other logistics.. Anyone, anything, anywhere that influences a product’s cost and time-to-market, information exchange or delivery, is part of the supply chain. Indilinga has many years experience in the management of all these areas


Indilinga has a significant competitive edge in the following areas:

  • Customer service excellence – As a customer focussed firm, Indilinga provides a fit for purpose solution to every customer. 

  • Business Management Experience – Because of the many years’ experience of the Indilinga staff in senior business management levels, it is possibly the best competitive edge in an industry. Our senior staff has a sound general business acronym. We understand the issues and difficulties of business as a whole and proud ourselves in the knowledge of our staff. 

  • A considerable network of contacts – Indilinga works together with larger corporate companies to increase the value add to its customers.

  • Indilinga has provided solutions around the world with solutions and systems in amongst other: South Africa, Namibia, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia


Our Mission

Manage various parts of supply chains and logistical activities. Providing optimum solutions to ensure maximum effectiveness of the whole supply chain and logistical processes to improve service and reduce overall costs for customers.  Stimulate collaboration between players in the direct supply chain as well as the extended supply chain with an integrated management information approach to ensure visibility throughout the whole supply chain.  The company mission is to serve clients with the best possible solutions within the supply chain. This includes technical and business strategy services.

Indilinga is a company that respects the needs and expectations of its employees and clients.

Our Vision

In order to complete in today’s global markets, companies making up the value chain need to work together to meet the needs of consumers.

Indilinga will work to become the leading Supply Chain management company in Namibia and be a significant role player in the supply chain environment in Africa.


Indilinga is a Supply Chain management company doing consulting, training, implementation and management of various components of the supply chain. With its expertise, Indilinga can perform the following services with regard to the functions mentioned in the deliverable file.

Our keys to success

  • To maintain client satisfaction to the maximum.

  • Effective communication

  • Customer focus – customer specific solution.

  • Our General Business acronym

  • Industry Knowledge and experience

  • Technological ability

  • General business management skills

  • To always add value.

  • To ensure professional marketing and presentation of services.

Our Promise


  • Management experience, expertise and dedicated focus

  • Proven ability and track record

  • Accountability, transparency accessibility

  • Independence

  • Many years’ experience in:

    • The supply chain management

    • Logistics Management including Transport

    • Executive management

    • Operational management

    • Systems design and implementation


Indilinga has a proven track record of adding value to its customers in various parts of the supply chain.